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We welcome any kind of donation for this noble cause. You can contact our staff members so that they can guide through the donation process. This donation is then utilized for the educational purpose of the children.
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We invite volunteers who are interested to help this institution by providing monetary benefits or helping in any other social cause for the growth of the institution.
shree vinayaka
One can get involved in this noble cause as it provides quality education for the future generation of India. People who are interested can contact us on the mentioned email id and phone number on the website so that we can reach them.
About Us
Shree Vinayaka Education Society
Sri Vinayaka Education society for the differently abled and senior citizen NGO was established in the year of 2001 by founder Mr.Guruswamy.N and President Smt.Prathima.

Sri Vinayaka education society works for the empowerment of person with disabilities and underprivileged. Sri Vinayaka Education society caters to people in need by providing plethora service including quality education accommodation, nutritious, food, vocational training and sports.

Sri Vinayaka Education society for the disabled is there for creating educational opportunities and supporting persons with disabilities . As the organization grew in size and strength the initiatives expanded and embraced many more people in need, supporting them in every possible way.
shree vinayaka
Our Cause

We understand this is a special cause for which all the concerned person are responsible. All of them work with dedication to achieve the desired result.

Our Team

We have a team of professional members, who are completely dedicated to their work. They understand their responsibilities and work as per that.

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Mr. Guruswamy
The founder Mr.Guruswamy hails from Chamarajanagara in Udigala village. He was born and brought up in the village and he came to Bangalore for his professional purpose.

shree vinayaka

N.Prathima, President of Sri Vinayaka Education Society. Born in 1986, she is a very proactive member who helps in all the causes of the organisation.

shree vinayaka
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Upcoming Events
We are devoted to take care of the old aged people.With the growing nucleus family in major cities and towns, this is the need of the hour and our duty to help them for the benefit of the society as a whole.
Many youngsters who have been trapped by alcohol and drug addiction need immediate help. We understand this social cause and take care of such youngsters in a professional and caring manner.
Enquire With Us
Sri Vinayaka Education Society
No.1369, 4th Cross,
Near Vinayaka Hospital Chandra layout,
Bangalore – 560039
  080-23393399 / +91 9844993694